Resident Directory Form

An example of a well documented form.

Click on the form to open and view it.

Resident Directory Form

One Response to Resident Directory Form

  1. Wendy says:

    LOL, LOL, LOL! The reason this information is not published in my HOA is b/c they want to control HOs by making it as difficult as possible to communicate with other HOA members. No my HOA will never allow e-mails to be in any directory. It’s all about control to the point of members needing to be totally submissive. This is the most oppressive form of Gov’t I’ve ever seen. I had no idea that HOA’s are run by tyrants. Libertarians “think” HOAs are perfection, in that no gov’t is involved. HOA’s are proof that the Libertarian ideology does not work, cannot work. It proves that the CAI, the AACM, attorneys et al can control a HO and they lose more freedom rather than gain freedoms. Are all Judges corrupt? Are all HOA attorneys corrupt? Is anyone willing to fight for the little HO?

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