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Within the context of this page, HOA Mayhem is defined as planned community governments who:

  • violate their governing documents,
  • violate the Arizona state statutes,
  • operate without authority from either,
  • breach their fiduciary duties,
  • govern in an arbitrary and capricious manner,
  • govern without ethical principles and moral integrity and/or,
  • exhibit dysfunctional bureaucracy tendencies.

The purpose of HOA Mayhem is to:

  • expose to the general public and potential home buyers planned communities who fail to meet the standards of acceptable governance, and
  • expose to government officials the need for legislative oversight and intervention of planned communities that likewise are non-compliant.


A realtor comments:

It seems a conflict of interest that the HOA attorney claims to represent HOAs yet they lobby with the management companies (which is why they are unlicensed and unregulated), and when there is a problem with the PMC good luck if that attorney will represent your HOA against them. It is nice to see them in action, holding classes (while serving property managers lunch) and advising them on how to protect themselves…such as when an HOA doesn’t follow a reserve study and fails to make capital improvements, just note it in your file to protect yourself…this is what my HOA attorney tells them – shouldn’t he advise them in a way that protects the HOA? Try to change the situation!! I was the only one in a class NOT LAUGHING because an HOA story was given by the attorney about an HOA that lost a ton of money because they had not insured their clubhouse sufficiently…I don’t understand how this was considered funny. What I think is funny is how everyone profiting off the HOA further undermines the homeowners in getting protections in the law and fixing a failed system. Meanwhile many owners will face excessive special assessments in the future. New build communities all have HOAs and many people are paying 1k per year for a community park, which could be paid for via a special tax district and cost a lot less. Once you see what’s going on, you can’t deny that the relationship between HOA managers & attorneys is the root of the problem.

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